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"THRILLER Live" 2014.04.24

Sayaka is the special guest at “Thriller Live in Japan” Opening Press Conference.

She didn’t perform but did appear on stage and doing some moon walking.

When asked if she has a boyfriend now and about her ideal man, “I don’t have any partner now, but I think someone who can sing and dance like Micheal Jackson is great. Not just Japanese, it can be anybody around the world.”

About dancing and performing, “After I graduated from AKB48, I don’t have many chance to sing or dance so I really want to do more.” She said she wanted to do more musical like “Chicago” or “Burlesque”. “If I have a chance to act as Velma Kelly, I’m already prepared to create my boobs for the character. I’ll take them out after the show finished (lol).”



午前0時を過ぎたら イチバンに届けよう
Once it’s passed midnight, it’s the first thing I’m going to tell you
Happy birthday, Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
今日はあなたを取り囲む すべての人達にも
Today, you’re surrounded by all of these people
Very special, Very special
It’s a very very special day


From Shinoda Mariko’s Instagram (maricollet3)

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